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    X-Ray Associates of New Mexico Customer Q&A

    Posted by Jeff Zinger on Apr 15, 2013 2:09:00 PM

    “I firmly believe that interface engines are the future for imaging centers. Presently, most people don’t even know to ask for what an interface engine can provide. Once they know what is possible, they won’t want to be without one.”

    Insights by Sagit Frasier, Chief Administrative Officer, X-Ray Associates of New Mexico:

    “At X-Ray New Mexico, we had a business challenge to improve our report turnaround times at the hospital emergency departments we supported. Additionally, we were presented with the cost-prohibitive need to connect to multiple hospital information systems. We selected Corepoint Integration Engine™ (formerly NeoIntegrate™), to enable connectivity to the hospital’s systems at a significantly lower cost. A wonderful and unexpected side-benefit — the additional ways we could utilize the interface engine to streamline workflows and improve processes.”


    “Implementing an interface engine into our workflow opened the door to numerous process improvements, as well as increased our capacity to do business. We have become self-sufficient in our interfacing projects. The Corepoint Health training was superior and enabled us to make changes to our interfaces ourselves, rather than requesting assistance from vendors, which can be both time consuming and expensive.

    Today, our radiologists no longer have to log onto four different hospital’s RIS/HIS systems in order to interpret, look up prior reports or approve reports generated for these hospitals. Instead, all of the needed data from multiple systems and locations is presented to the radiologist in one place, our RIS. They have one terminal, a virtual unified workflow that allows them to perform their reads. Because of Corepoint Integration Engine, everything they need is at their finger tips.

    All the data is essentially normalized — the order, ORM and ADT messages, background data – by the time anything reaches the radiologist, all they have to do is read, so they can then do their job efficiently without any additional effort. An added benefit to our organizations workflow was that all billable information was then sent to our centralized billing system as a unified message. Prior to Corepoint Health, we experienced numerous challenges with obtaining accurate billing data from the hospitals we served.

    We are no longer dependent on our vendors for interfacing support. We save considerable time and money because we already have a template to use regardless of what another hospital has to provide us, or requires from us. Now, I have the confidence to sit in front of any hospital CEO and tell them, ‘Yes. We can do that.’ We couldn’t have said that about our interface capabilities prior to working with Corepoint Health.”

    About X-Ray Associates of New Mexico

    For over 60 years, X-Ray Associates of New Mexico, PC has made diagnostic imaging available throughout the state. As a practice, we are committed to supporting our referring physicians and their patients by providing personalized care, excellent customer service and quality imaging.



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