How will FHIR improve healthcare? Let us show you.

If you’re familiar with the term “FHIR” but aren’t quite sure what this exciting new healthcare data standard will mean for your business, we invite you to watch this recorded webinar for FHIR basics. 

We explain why and how you would want to use FHIR in your environmentwalk you through three FHIR scenarios with a patient, Mr. John Dough; and point you to additional tools to help you get started with FHIR.  

The webinar is led by Haya Husain, Client Support Engineer and self-described FHIR Enthusiast.   

Watch the full webinar in its entirety or skip to the chapters that most interest you most: 

  • Why Would I Want to Use FHIR? 
  • FHIR Paradigms: 4 Ways to Send Data 
  • The Future of FHIR 
  • How Can I Start Using FHIR in My Environment? 
  • Scenario 1: Prior Authorization 
  • Scenario 2: Payer Coverage Decision Exchange 
  • Scenario 3: Medical Reconciliation Process 
  • Additional Tools for Using FHIR 
  • FHIR and COVID: The SANER Project