Healthcare IT organizations rely on information systems from many different vendors to support activities related to patient care, because no single system can do it all. In today’s healthcare environment, however, keeping each system’s data in a separate silo is not feasible, because data needs to move freely among the various systems in order to match the complex workflows of modern healthcare systems. Interoperability is not optional.

This white paper is aimed at three categories of software vendors:

  1. Vendors who are embarking on solving the interoperability problem for the first time and facing a “build versus buy” decision.
  2. Those who have undertaken the task of creating their own interoperability module and are experiencing a poor return on effort or struggling to implement new, required functionality.
  3. Software vendors who have attempted to use a free or open source integration package and are running into limitations, either from the software or the services and support offered by the software’s creators.

Download the white paper to learn about a Solution to the Interoperability Challenge.