Public health agencies caring for entire populations face a different set of responsibilities and challenges than providers caring for individual patients. Lyniate's decades of experience and high adoption rate among labs and public health agencies at all levels have allowed us to develop a deep understanding of collecting and exchanging data for the prevention, detection, and control of infectious diseases.

Download our eBook illustrating how state and local departments of health use the Rhapsody integration platform.

Over 40 U.S. states, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) rely on Lyniate's Rhapsody interoperability platform to power data exchange critical for public health, including:

  • Electronic lab and case reporting
  • Immunization registries
  • Cancer registries
  • Prescription drug monitoring
  • Early hearing detection and intervention

These agencies choose Lyniate because of the depth and breadth of our understanding of public health work. Lyniate's expertise in this area includes the support of all health data standards, as well as our experience working with initiatives such as:

  • Public Health Information Network Messaging System
  • Nationally Notifiable Disease Surveillance System
  • Meaningful Use/Promoting Interoperability
  • National Healthcare Safety Network
  • Data Message Brokering Network at the CDC
  • Public Health Laboratory Interoperability Project
  • National Electronic Disease Surveillance System Modernization Initiative

Lyniate also hosts regular workshops for our public health customers to help them collaborate and share information and best practices.

About Lyniate

Lyniate partners with healthcare organizations around the globe delivering cutting-edge solutions to address interoperability challenges. Our industry-leading products, Corepoint and Rhapsody, are used by thousands of customers to send hundreds of millions of messages every day. Lyniate is committed to delivering the best interoperability solutions for healthcare organizations, from specialty clinics to large networks, from payers to vendors, and everything in between. We’re building the future of interoperability.

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