Rhapsody and Corepoint Health, two industry-leading interoperability organizations, are merging to support critical initiatives across the globe. Our combination of resources, capabilities and expertise will raise the bar in healthcare interoperability.

Erkan Akyuz - Rhapsody

Erkan Akyuz, CEO,
Rhapsody & Corepoint Health

"The merging of our two companies creates many benefits for our customers.

We will have a dynamic combination of technology, services, and talent. Combining these two companies will bring together the technology, talent, service and trusted customer relationships to address the most complex healthcare interoperability challenges, now and in the future.

Our expanded scale will allow us to develop complementary offerings. Both companies will continue to support and develop their respective solutions. Plus, we will work together to develop new offerings that address the growing interoperability needs of healthcare providers and vendors.

And most importantly, we can maximize value for our users. With a single company focused on the future of healthcare interoperability, our users will continue to enjoy the products and services they love, while benefiting from expanded offerings and cutting-edge solutions.

With this merger, Rhapsody and Corepoint Health customers can have confidence that their interoperability partner is heavily invested in helping them confront the future of interoperability on a global scale."

Dave Shaver -- Corepoint

Dave Shaver, CTO,
Rhapsody & Corepoint Health

"When I first encountered healthcare interoperability back in 1993, the HIT world was just discovering the power of moving clinical data between disparate systems. In the intervening quarter century, the market has embraced the importance of supporting clinicians and broader stakeholders through HL7® standards and high quality integration platforms. I am extremely grateful to our customers for their deep investment in leveraging their own data to improve clinical outcomes. This enlightenment of how and when to move data has been led by the HL7® community, who built the standards upon which we all communicate. Rhapsody shares this gratitude and anticipation of the future.

As we combine our talents and resources, it is clear that Corepoint and Rhapsody will continue to innovate and lead the industry. I feel this powerful combination will lead the next quarter century of change. Please join us on the journey."

Drew Ivan - Rhapsody

Drew Ivan, EVP of Product and Strategy,
Rhapsody & Corepoint Health

"Corepoint has always been an analyst-friendly product built around best practices for solving health care integration problems, and Rhapsody’s approach has been to provide a flexible toolbox that lowers the development effort for integration. Bringing both products together in a single company is exciting, because we will be combining the strengths of both organizations while preserving each product’s unique point of view.

Rhapsody and Corepoint serve well over 1000 customers in the US and around the world, with minimal overlap. Together, we will build a customer network that covers most health care settings and expands everyone’s possibilities. We’ll be combining our experience and technology to solve the next generation of integration problems."

For more information, visit our official press release.

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